What is a 311 Call Center?

Most people are aware of the telephone number 911 and the call centers that receive the emergency calls, but there is another special number, and that is 311. The 311 telephone number is used in many cities and towns in the USA and Canada to provide callers with access to non-emergency municipal services at a … Read more

Operating a 24 Hour Call Center: The Benefits

Since the advent of the internet consumers have got used to a 24 hours a day, 7 days a week ‘always on’ lifestyle. Day or night, customers can place orders for just about any kind of product or service they desire. This means consumers demand your attention and customer service when they want it—not just … Read more

Training Call Center Agents for Inbound Services

Inbound Call Center Services are used by small or large organizations which offer services and support for selling of product or services. At some point of time a business cannot handle large volume of customer responses (query or request). They then turn to inbound service providers as a solution. By definition, an inbound call is … Read more

Outsourcing Call Centers to India – What are the Benefits?

India has continually been the preferred outsourcing location for a good number international organizations. This is because call centers in India offer ample advantages that other countries normally do not provide. At present, having call centers in India has developed into the norm for a lot of large-scale organizations. India has been able to efficiently … Read more

How do You Measure Holding Time?

Holding Time is the total time taken from the moment you pick up the phone to dialling, to waiting for an answer, to speaking on the phone, to hanging up and finally putting down the handset. Holding time is not usually billed, you are billed for conversation time, which is of course shorter. Holding time … Read more

Fax Over IP – What is it?

This is the term given to a very useful application that uses the internet to transmit a fax instead of the phone network. How Does Fax Over IP Work? When you send a fax over IP your fax machine or PC transmits image data as packets using an IP data network such as the internet, … Read more

CRM 101: Customer Relationship Management for Beginners

Customer Relationship Management, abbreviated “CRM,” is the term for a business strategy that is designed to improve customer service. CRM is also designed to increase customer satisfaction and gain new customers, thus increasing a business’ revenue. CRM is a term that can be applied to software and an entire business strategy. How Does CRM Work? … Read more

Call Center Jobs: This Career Might Be for You

In this section we will take a look at the type of jobs that may be available in a call center, as well as salary expectations and the kind of questions you might get asked at an interview. When there is a certain problem with our cellphone in which we cannot solve simply, we always … Read more

Call Center Customer Service Practices

In a company that provides outsourcing services, a set of best practices must be imposed. This statement holds true in the place of call centers since it is important to note that there must be a certain set of call center customer service practices to ensure that the company will provide the best of all … Read more

Top Tips for Implementing a Call Center Quality Monitoring Solution

In this article, Richard Marcia shares his step by step approach on how to implement a quality monitoring system in a call center. 1) Write a clear outline of the reasons behind bringing a call recording system into your call center’s work flow Benefits to agents Benefits to customers Benefits to company It’s always good … Read more